Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I have to bear in mind before my first flight?
  2. There is no response when the drone is powered on.
  3. The power light is on, but the propeller arm lights blink and the drone will not operate.
  4. The drone motors will not start, power light is on and propeller arm lights are not blinking.
  5. Drone flies erratically and does not maintain position while in GPS mode, random drops in altitude or constantly drifts in one direction.
  6. My drone does not take video or pictures, or the video files are corrupted.
  7. Drone shakes violently during flight or flies circles when hovering in GPS mode with no control inputs.
  8. I’m not able to connect to the mobile application.
  9. I can’t get my first person view live stream to work.
  10. I need my drone to be serviced or repaired. (Warranty claim or damage from pilot error)